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How to style your home from winter to spring

As much as I love the cosy-ness of winter the thought of the lighter, brighter days of spring are something I always embrace. Throwing open the kitchen doors and stepping out into a sunnier day, is one of my favourite ways to start the day. You can certainly smell the changing of seasons in the air, can’t you?

I don’t know about you, but the new season also makes me want to fine tune our interior too. Along with the ubiquitous spring cleaning, adding in new trends can really bring the home alive and add a freshness to your space.


This year American Vogue and their team of experts predict bold decoration, less beige and grey and more pinks, blues and greens. Patterns and shades of brighter colours are also tipped to be top of the interior design trends.

The great news about these trends is that they don’t need massive changes to the structures of our homes to implement. A simple change of photo frame style, a splash of colour from a tray or the choice of a softly styled alarm clock can update the home without too much of an investment. 



Log burners and open fires are wonderful in the winter, but they are certainly messy. Tidying up our sitting room and removing logs and log baskets can really help add a freshness to the area. One thing we’ve found it that having somewhere beautiful to hide the daily essentials, such as remote controls is key. Our beautiful small and large boxes hide all the necessaries out of the way, whilst also stopping the nightly hunt down the back of the sofa. Elle Decoration have also recommended some other great storage options for your home, including a great space for organising vinyl which has seen a huge increase in sales in recent months.



Who doesn’t love a beautiful bedroom? As the mornings start to get lighter there is nothing better than sitting with a cup of coffee, looking across to the surrounding fields and countryside. I like to refresh my beside table with a number of beautiful frames and one of our silent alarm clocks. Our frames are a great way to add that needed pattern and texture to the room without too much effort. Check out our range of exotic frames which include mother of pearl and tortoiseshell styling. Great patterns for a modern bedroom!

For me a sanctuary of a beautiful bathroom is a must but it’s not always the obvious space to style for the changing seasons. Bathrooms can often be busy spaces, especially with lots of adult families like us currently locked down together, so getting organised is possibly the best option here. House and Garden magazine have made some great suggestions for adding in shelving units to keep towels and toiletries out of sight, something I’m very much in favour of.  



I recently moved into my own home office, having spent most of my working life sharing one with David. During the first lockdown it became more important than ever to find a space to think and create. As we move into spring I will certainly be looking to add a few more personal touches - I particularly like switching up my photo frames. Sometimes it can make all the difference to have an old photo in a new frame. Our Enamel Photo Frames offer such a variety of colours but I particularly like the rose gold collection. It’s such a beautifully soft and contemporary colour, that just says spring to me. Have a look at our collection here.



Finally, tackling the kitchen might seem like one of those Herculean tasks that well, is maybe best left alone, but for me everything begins in our entertaining space. In some respects colour is easy to add into the kitchen, and carefully chosen accessories can lighten the mood throughout. If yellows are the new hues for this year, then our Scalloped Ottoman Tray certainly ticks all of the trend ‘boxes’, and the perfect accessory for carrying a light lunch into the garden - weather permitting!

I think at this time of year - and in the midst of this pandemic - we all need to be surrounded by pieces we love. Simple touches that herald the arrival of spring. Let’s hope it also signals the beginning of a fresh start for 2021. We keep our fingers crossed.

Sarah x

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