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In the Frame | Lucy Marsh Interiors

We met Lucy via Instagram earlier this year and a mutual admiration for each other's posts and products ensued. We quickly realised we lived nearby and collaborated on various shoots culminating in our June shoot at her beautiful Old Rectory in Hamphire in June. Lucy is obviously a very well renowned and successful Interior Designer so we were interested to hear what it was like for her to renovate her own home.

Lucy, we loved your house and what you have achieved with the renovation, what was the house like when you first bought it?

The house had been on the market for ten years - parts of it were derelict and it was in a dreadful state of repair. There had been no central heating previously so many of the floorboards, windows and ceilings were rotten from years of damp and cold. Fundamentally though, the house had been beautifully designed by an architect from the Arts and Crafts movement in the mid 1800s, and I could see the potential to restore it to it’s former glory.

What has it been like renovating your own house? Have you loved having a completely free hand?

We couldn’t move in to the house when we bought it because the electrics and some of the ceilings were unsafe. Because it’s Listed we had to go to the planners to get permission to renovate and we were constrained by regulations, there was little we could do to change the original layout. I treated the project like I would for any client, going through a design process, and using my husband and my children as the client. It is harder to make decisions for your own project because you are less likely to look objectively at the space. It has been a journey, and I am sure it has made me a better designer as you have to think about how the space needs to evolve, and be future proofed, as the family develops. Fundamentally you need to get the basics right, lighting, furniture layout, paint colours, and then with time, you can add layer on layer of detail. This works really well as I am constantly finding new things to add to the house! It is restless though as I feel my work at home is never done!

Were there any unforseen surprises during the renovation?

I don’t think we realised how damaged the fabric of the building was. There was a period where every day when I arrived on site there was a new surprise, another ceiling fell in, or another floor was rotten. We uncovered the signatures of the people who installed the original roof, they did a great job as it has stood the test of time.

Did you design your cushions to match your own house or have you been creating room schemes with your cushions as the starting point?

I designed the cushion collection using fabrics from my favourite suppliers, which I work with every day, and which I use regularly to design for my clients. Each bespoke piece has been made by hand, using luxurious prints and weaves chosen for their unique design. They all have contrasting yet complementary fabrics on the reverse, and opulent velvet trimmed edges. I’ve limited the colour palette so that the cushions work well together. These duck eggs, pinks and greys are uplifting, fresh and stylish, and sit comfortably in contemporary and classic settings alike. Duck egg and grey is a timeless classic combination. Our cushions and throws have been designed to work beautifully together, layering colour, texture and pattern. I love to add an element of surprise to my schemes, and have therefore included a collection of blue and yellow cushions in the Collection. These bring a fresh playful style with their striking colours, textures and patterns. 

Is this now your forever house are you itching to do another renovation of your own some time in the future?

The Old Rectory is our forever home. Home is made up of memories and layer on layer of detail. My parents still live in my childhood home, and my father lived there as a child too. Home is really important in giving stability and strength and I really want my children to have the continuity of coming back to the same place when they have fled the nest. There is still plenty to do here. Our next project is to renovate the barns and I’m looking forward to creating a games room for my boys, and a new studio for my work.

You mentioned you have used Addison Ross products in various past projects, what are your favourite items and how do you use them?

I first came across Addison Ross through my former employer Nina Campbell. I particularly love the colourful enamel range, and I often specify these for my clients as they add a colourful detail to my designs. I also particularly love your scalloped edge lacquer trays. I have used these in contemporary penthouse apartments and classic situations. I love the selection of vibrant colours which allows me to pick different ones for varying projects. I also love the leather frames, particularly the croc and shagreen which I use in my luxury designs. It’s an extensive range, which allows me to choose, like a child in a sweetshop, specific finishes to go with my own bespoke interiors.


Lucy, we really enjoyed our day with you back in June and hearing more about your interesting and exciting career, thank you so much for hosting our June shoot and we look forward to seeing more of your beautiful cushions designs in the near future!

Lucy is kindly offering 15% off her beautiful cushions with code ADDISON21  For more information about Lucy Marsh Interiors and her stunning cushions collection visit her website Lucy Marsh Interiors



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