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How to Style your Shelfie

Styling our home and creating a living space that we all love to be in has certainly been more important than ever this past year. We’ve hardly been anywhere else!

I think like some people, rather than taking on huge building projects we’ve tended to focus upon the little things that can make a big difference to a certain area of the house. Bookcases and shelving are now having something of a renaissance.

Maybe it’s the influence of all those Zoom calls we’ve made, and seen on television, but when I see someone being interviewed on the news from home, I’m as much looking at what’s on their shelves as to listening to what they’re saying!


So, what objects should you consider having on your shelves?

  • Books, naturally what most people think of when they consider using shelves
  • Photo frames, just a few of your favourite images can make a real difference between other objects
  • Treasured artefacts or objects can look great on shelving and keep memories alive
  • Something colourful, plants look wonderful on shelves, but if you’re not fond of them, think about adding in a subtle flash of colour such as a pastel coloured clock


Styling Your Shelfie - our five tips to help you curate a fantastic look for your home

1. Think outside the ‘book’ box.
Of course, shelving’s most obvious use is to store your favourite books, but row upon row of book spines can sometimes look untidy and a bit lack lustre in a family room. To avoid this uniformity, we’ve found that mixing up how they are displayed can really help balance their appearance. So, think about displaying some horizontally, others vertically, building big to bottom. You could use them as a shelf to display other objects such as a favourite ceramic or trinket box. Just make sure the colours and textures sit well together.

2. Consider the size and space you have.
You don’t need floor to ceiling shelving to create a really stunning display of objects and art but try not to overcrowd the shelves with everything you own! It’ll just look messy and cluttered, which you want to avoid. Make sure you leave room for the books and objects to breathe, allowing for space between the displays. The object of styled shelves is to enjoy them - not spend the whole time thinking about decluttering again.

3. Style them with textures and prints in mind.
Whilst you don’t necessarily need a ‘theme’ for your shelving units it is worth taking some time to consider how the objects you have chosen are going to work together. You may have to be a little ruthless with what you display. I like to mix up my prints and textures as I think this gives a really nice focal point throughout. Our silver trinket boxes look great alongside a Tortoiseshell or Mother of Pearl photo frame.

4. Add in some colour but don’t overdo it.
I simply love flashes of colour - our Scallop Ottoman Trays are testament to that - but when curating a shelf I think a a simple colour scheme works well. I’m a big fan of using complementary colour themes and this could work across the shelving units. You could think about contrasting greys or blues, or even think of colour as something you’d prefer to keep neutral. Glass frames can work well alongside whites and creams displayed as a vase or even small sculpture.

5. Think green.
I personally love plants and enjoy seeing them grow around the house. A perfectly placed plant can look great on a shelf adding a much needed natural touch. But if you’re not fond of adding in greenery why not consider a small framed painting with a natural theme. Over the years I’ve enjoyed collecting images from our travels and a reminder of a happy trip is certainly something to savour at the moment.

6. Finally, I think it’s worth saying that it can take a little time to get everything right here.
Sit with your styling for a few days, consider your options, and move around anything you’re not quite happy with. The great thing about ‘shelfie’ design is that it can be quite fluid. What works one month can be replaced with a new birthday gift the next. Fluid and functional - just how I like it!

Sarah x

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