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Tidy Up Time | 7 Steps to Clear the Clutter

"Keep only those things that speak to your heart. Then take the plunge and discard all the rest" Maria Kondo

One of the benefits of all this time we've had at home is that I've been restyling and tidying up our home. During the first few nights of Lock down, Izzy and I decided to watch Maria Kondo on Netflix, initially as a bit of a laugh (and just a little bit of hope on my part that the teenage bedroom might be transformed!) So with iPhone and Wine on hand to distract me from the potential boredom we were quickly absorbed by Maria's adorable manner and rather mesmerizing tips for tidying. I'm thrilled to report that Izzy's drawers have been miraculously "Maria Kondo'd" and I'm hoping she might have a go at mine now!

Of course the benefit of having a homeware brand is that I get to design whatever I feel I'm missing. Our collection of lacquered boxes in my favourite colours quickly lead on to trays in various sizes and styles. And now I have all the time in the world to tidy and restyle every room!

"A place for everything, everything in it's place" Benjamin Franklin

TV Remotes

The last bastion of ugliness! Until they design something more beautiful, I definitely advise hiding these away and of course the added benefit is that the common cry of "Where's the remote" is a thing of the past!

I designed our large boxes to be big enough to fit up to 3 TV remote controls or 2 Play Station Controls.

Desk Top

I have to admit, my desk borders on chaos however I've recently discovered the joy of a small tray! I'm not sure why but as soon as I put objects on a little tray everything looks stylish and neat. I start with the tray then add a little enamel box for all the business cards I tend to accumulate, a pot for my lip balm and lipstick (ready for the next Zoom call) and one of our enamel clocks. (I know the time is on the screen but I just like to have a pretty clock) Then I finish off my desk with a vase of flowers, a pen pot and a couple of photo frames of my dear old Dad and the children when they were little.


Again surprisingly this is another place that tends to accumulate clutter and dust, from reading glasses, lip balm, ear phones and eye mask, it can soon get out of control however I now pop it all in one of our large enamel boxes and I'm left with a pretty frame, an alarm clock and a box. It's been a transformation!


I'm addicted to sunglasses, whatever the season. I'm not sure if it's a blue eye thing but if I don't wear them my eyes actually hurt so as a result I have pairs scattered everywhere and I can still never find them! I've created a solution with our new Sun Glasses Box. I leave mine on a table by the door and there's now no excuse!


I think a jewellery box goes without saying when it comes to organisation. And there's definitely something rather ceremonial when it comes to opening it to choose the finishing touch to an outfit. Of course it keeps your jewellery dust free and altogether in one spot too.


Which brings me on to watches...if you're lucky enough to have a large collection, it's rather lovely to be able to store them altogether. I'm so thrilled with our new Watches Boxes which are an unusual gift for Father's Day coming soon on the 21st June!

Card Games

We've been playing so many card games during Lockdown and I have to be reminded of the rules nearly every night! We usually play after supper in the kitchen but then the packs of cards often get left lying around so my latest trick is to tidy them away in one of our large boxes along with the Kitchen TV remote and it's all sorted and satisfying!

And once everything is tidy and organised we can all have fun making another mess!

Stay Well

Stay Safe

All the best

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