Capture the Moment Terms & Conditions

Ownership of the copyright of the image provided for our 'Capture the Moment' series remains with the photographer and does not transfer to Addison Ross. 

The customer gives Addison Ross permission to use the authorised image in their 'Capture the Moment' series. This includes use of the image on the Addison Ross website, printed material and social media.

In return for use of the image the customer will receive a discount code giving £25 off their next order. 

Any images that are given consent to use for the 'Capture the Moment' series, must be the customers own image and not have been purchased from a stock photography site. 

It is the responsibility of the individual to ensure that any image that is consented to use by Addison Ross does not infringe the copyright of any third parties or any laws. The customer warrants that they own the copyright for the image. 

You must have full permission to authorise Addison Ross to use any image containing a person under the age of 16. 

We would be delighted if you tagged and / or share any of our posts.

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